Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Secrets over Sweet Tea: A Review

Secrets rarely stay secrets. Pastor's wife Scarlett Jo, news anchor Grace, and lawyer Zach are learning that it's better to confront the past and deal with it than ignore it. After all, secrets are a little less bitter with friends and sweet tea.
I'm a Denise Hildreth Jones fan. I've loved her voice and deep characters from her Savannah series. In this book, I love that she tackles the topic of divorce. It's a tough topic, especially for Christians. Most books stick to dealing with divorce only in cases of adultery, but it's a deeper issue than just cheating.
Grace and Zach's lives intersect, and I love the balanced look at struggling marriages. Their feelings were authentic and often raw. And best of all, Jones doesn't give a pat answer for what to do when life is hard. Instead, each character wrestles with their feelings and messes up along the way to finding out what God wants from them.
Scarlett Jo is the perfect solution to a hard topic. She's funny and relentless.
Fans of Christian fiction, especially those who like books about real topics, will enjoy this book.

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