Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jennifer: A Review

The O'Malley series by Dee Henderson is my all-time favorite series. All-time. So, of course, I was excited to read this novella about Jennifer even though I already knew how things would turn out.
This short story gives insight into how Jennifer and Tom met and fell in love. There's no mystery, no action, no suspense. Just a sweet man meets woman and falls in love story.
I think it's a great little novella for fans of the O'Malley books. It's not a thrilling read, but having read the series so many times, I was just happy for something new with some of my favorite characters. It's definitely one to have on the shelf next to the series although I have to confess this is the only one I won't re-read.
I was given this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.


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