Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Extroverted Writer: A Review

I'm an introvert by nature, yet it seems I've always worked in extrovert-type jobs. Teacher, Librarian, and now writer. Although I love talking to kids about books, I'm really nervous about the marketing side of being an author. This book is perfect for people like me--new and a little shy.
Organized by type of social media, this book shares tips and strategies for authors who haven't set up any social media to those of us who have it but need tips for how to use it. Although I have had FB, Twitter, etc for several years, I learned new ideas on how to make them work for me as an author. What I liked best was that the advice came across as if the author were sitting over coffee with you.
I've searched the Internet for advice and ideas about marketing, but this is the clearest, most concise advice I've found. If you're looking for some great tips for building a platform and using social media to reach readers, this book is for you.

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