Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales: A Review

This book is a fantastic blend of well-developed interesting characters, suspense, legal drama, and an ending I didn't see coming.
Landon Reed served two years in jail for fixing games during his time as a college quarterback. Now he's out and ready to make a difference as a defense attorney at McNaughton & Clay, the only law office interested in hiring him. When he becomes entangled in a high profile case and members of the law firm are killed, Landon has to find out who is after him before he's next.
I loved the parallel storyline with Landon's wife Kerri. She was just as much a main character as Landon, and I loved the "realness" of their relationship and its development throughout the book. All of the characters were great---unique, flawed and real.
The end surprised me. I was so focused on who was killing the members of the firm and whether or not Elias was guilty that I missed any clues about the twist, which  made it a great ending.
I hope Singer considers writing a sequel because these characters are strong enough to tell another story.

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