Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's in a name?

 Last family picture with my dad
Names are so important. In the Bible, they often symbolize the person's nature. We learn about God through His different names. I'm known by different names: Ms. Jackson, Laura, daughter, sister, friend, Jackson, Jacko, Ms. Library Lady, and probably my favorite Library Girl. I was titled Library Girl by some kindergarten boys, and I love it.
So, as a writer, names are important to me. I want them to capture the character's personality. The problem is this--after eleven years in public education, I am running out of names. Even when it's a name I love, I try to avoid naming characters after former students because in my mind that name is that person.
So, I'm off to I love that website, and some old co-workers used to tease me about visiting it and even rating names. I need some new names that aren't associated with people I know.
Ellie Lansing is the main character in my first book (releasing 2-4-14). I picked her name because I love it. If I ever have a girl, I'll name her Jeanelle, which is a family name, and call her Elle for short. I wanted this character to have a short, fun, perky name to fit her character, and Ellie fit.
What's your favorite name? Do you think your name fits your personality?

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