Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heiress: A Review


This book kept me reading way too late last night. I just kept thinking how it couldn't get any worse for the two main characters, sisters Esme and Jinx, and then it would. The Gilded Age is often romanticized, but the author does a fantastic job of sharing what went on behind the façade of parties and the cost of keeping up appearances.

Esme and Jinx live a life of luxury. As heirs to their father's publication, they lack nothing. Except love. They take drastically different paths looking for love. While I liked both characters, I felt horrible for them. Their realities were often harsh, and their lives were full of unhappiness.

I loved the way the author captured that time period---the good and the bad. Because the books spans several years, you could see the way society was changing in regards to women and the effects of war.

Fans of Christian historical fiction will enjoy this book.  It's more proof that Susan May Warren is one of the best and can write in multiple genres with success.

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