Sunday, July 14, 2013


Congrats to Linda for winning Undeniably Yours.
This week, I'm giving away Dead Lawyers Tell no Tales, which is a great book! To enter to win, leave a comment telling me something unique or quirky about yourself. I usually pick a topic based on the books but lawyers, dead, and lies/tales didn't give me many fun thoughts. :) No offense to any lawyers.
Something quirky about me is that potato eyes FREAK me out. I can manage the little red ones if I have to, but the big on with the eyes freak me out. I'm grossed out just typing about it.
To get a second entry, follow the blog and leave a second comment letting me know you follow.
I can only ship to the US. I'll pick a winner next week.


Cindi A said...

I like to call both frogs and toads, frogs just because I like the word "frog" Ü

Abbey S said...

I find it difficult to fall asleep in complete silence (probably has something to do with living near a busy road all my life), so to fall asleep at night, I always play Adventures In Odyssey, the Christian radio drama. I absolutely love the episodes, and I feel encouraged each night to know that I am listening to something that has such strong values emphasized!

Laura Jackson said...

Cindi, that's fun! I work with a girl who is obsessed with frogs. Her classroom is full of them!

Abbey, I can't either. I listen to sports talk radio to fall the I Heart Radio app. I think I would stay awake listening to a story, but I love the Adventures in Odyssey. :)

Barb said...

Something quirky about me is that as a girl, I LOVED SpaghettiO's and even now as a middle-aged woman, I still like them. I try not to buy them very often, but every once in a while, I give in to my childhood calling :)

P.S. I just finished my first Randy Singer and loved it--a great new-to-me author!

Michelle said...

I love eating green onions with ketchup! bookwormgal2011(at)yahoo(dot)com