Monday, September 30, 2013

Fifteen Minutes: A Review


Zach loves Reese, singing, and Jesus. When he gets a chance to compete on the TV competition show Fifteen Minutes, he's convinced it's God's plan for him. When fame pulls him away from his faith, and Reese is drawn to London to continue her work as a therapeutic horse instructor, Zach and Reese are torn between their dreams and their love for each other.

As with most Karen Kingsbury books, Fifteen Minutes is full of heart-wrenching emotion. Love, loss, and loneliness plague the main characters, making them authentic and likable. I wanted to see both Reese and Zach happy and pursuing their dreams.

However, the plot was often stalled with what seemed like lectures on the wiles of fame and Hollywood. Page after page was filled with characters bemoaning the evil that came with being a celebrity. It got old and even took away from the great story going on.

I was a little surprised by the ending, but it was fitting and a solid conclusion.

Karen Kingsbury's faithful fans will enjoy Zach's story, but after being one of those faithful readers for so many years, I'm growing weary of the celebrity/fame story lines. I'd much rather read about real people dealing with real issues---the life changing fiction that made me count down to the next Karen Kingsbury book!

I was given this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.

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Dawn Janis said...

Some of your thoughts are similar to what I'm seeing as I'm reading this.