Monday, September 2, 2013

Into the Whirlwind: A Review

Elizabeth Camden is a research librarian, and it shows in her books. The details of the Chicago fire rang true and the events drew me into the book from the first page when Mollie Knox, the owner of a watch company, and Zack, the lawyer for her biggest buyer, flee the city as it burns.

Although she could walk away from her destroyed company, Mollie refuses. Many of her employees are wounded veterans who fought with her dad in the Civil War. Instead, the remaining members of the 57th come to help her rebuild the company named after them. With the group comes the beloved leader, Richard, who shows an interest in Mollie. Will he win her heart with his promise of security? Or will Mollie run into the whirlwind that surrounds Zack?

I enjoyed the fire between Mollie and Zack? They had energy, depth, and wit. They both annoyed me at times, but I think it was because there was sometimes so much feeling between them that I wanted them to just admit it already! I loved Mollie's strength in running a company even when certain businessmen looked down on her, and I loved Zack's street-smart way of getting things done. Sophia, a young girl who is a minor character, also shines bright.

The book starts off with bang with the fire blazing, and it keeps a steady chain of events until the end.

I definitely enjoyed this book and look forward to Camden's next book.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.

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