Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Confessions

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I confess that I'm too nervous to use pictures from the internet for this blog. I've heard several stories about bloggers being sued for taking pictures from Google and using them in their blogs. (I would think some companies would consider it free advertising for their products.) But, as an author, I understand photographers' desire to be compensated/acknowledged for their work.
I confess that I have no clue about current events these days. It's become overwhelming to me. There so much sadness and sorrow. The girls kidnapped in Nigeria and forced to marry instead of going to school. Tornados. Racism. I'm so glad I know the answer--Jesus. But, it makes me weary.
Can I just stick my head in the sand some days?
I confess that yesterday, I taught my second graders how to make fortune tellers. Yep, proud librarian here. One of the kids asked me if I knew how to make one while we were drawing/writing. Twenty minutes later, I had taught most of the class. My work is complete.
And, I confess that I gave up pedicures to go to games 1 and 5 of the Rockets' playoffs. And it was worth it. I'm just rocking the closed-toed shoes even though it's getting hot here.
Last night was game five, and it was CRAZY fun! My friend from college Jamie and I are both sports fans, so we try to go to as many games as possible--we don't even care which sport it is.
Painted faces, free t-shirts, great time....


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