Thursday, May 8, 2014

Confessional Friday

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I confess that I'm just like my eccentric grammy. I saw this on the parking lot ground and had to pick it up. 

I confess that I love this dog. I'm dog/house sitting for my sister, and  Sydney is a crazy dog--an escape artist and guardian of the backyard. I also confess she's my favorite.

I confess I'm tired of the NFL draft talk. I love sports, and I'm happy with the Texans picking Clowney. BUT, I'm sick of hearing about it! And I'm tired of hearing about Manziel!

I confess that I'm loving that the Spurs are schooling the Blazers.....makes me feel a little better about my Rockets.

I confess I haven't even bothered to watch what I eat this week. It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and there have been sweets galore. One parent had cookies delivered--and they were still warm!! Be still, my sweet tooth. I'll get back to it Saturday.

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