Monday, June 6, 2011

Learning by Karen Kingsbury

     I am a part of Karen Kingsbury's Team KK, which  means I get the book before its release day and review it for Karen's Facebook page. Because I receive the book before it's published, Karen asks that I not share plot details. Here's my review that I shared with Karen.

     Often in life, the most important lessons we learn are the ones that take us through hard situations, choices, and circumstances. In Learning, Karen weaves a story of learning through hard choices. Many authors write a beautiful story of love, one that ends in happy ever after. Not Karen. Instead she writes about real life in life-changing fiction. The situations the characters face are ones that the people who live on either side of us face. The characters face hard choices that we face ourselves.

     It is this honesty, this openness, this vulnerability that sets Karen’s characters, particularly Bailey and Cody, apart from other books and other characters. These characters make mistakes, have flaws, and face rough times. Readers can identify with them, and that is why the characters in this series are some of my favorite. I have read many books. I’m a life-long book lover, former language arts teacher, and now a librarian. I know books and characters like I know my friends. After the thousands of books I have read, these characters stand out. In addition to enjoying the storyline, their stories speak to my heart and encourage me to learn in difficult situations, to have integrity when I’m faced with a hard choice, and to love Jesus more than all else.

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