Sunday, June 5, 2011

Praying for your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

     Every time I drive Grammy home, she asks me the same question, “Have you met a young man yet?” Each time I answer, “No,Grammy.” Then she replies, “Have you prayed about it?” My response is, “Put it on your prayer list.” Although her intentions are sweet, it still weighs on my heart. I’m thirty-one and single. I wasted six years dating the wrong guy and another two getting over him, and I gave up hope that God has a man for me. Because I lost hope, I quit praying for him like I used to do when I was in high school or college. If I prayed back then without receiving an answer, why should now be any different?

     When I requested the book Praying for your Future Husband to review, I expected the book to be geared towards high school or even college-age girls. I thought it would be an interesting read that I could give to a teen girl at church. I wasn’t expecting to have my hope restored.

     Each chapter of the book discusses a specific prayer. In the chapter, both Robin and Tricia share their vastly different stories, scriptures, and anecdotes from women across the country. At the end of the chapter, there are questions and space to answer. What is intriguing is that there is also a prayer for the single woman. Women often make lists of what they want in a husband (I did back in high school—God lover being the number one trait.), but we sometimes forget to pray for God to make us into a woman after His own heart, a woman who is prepared to be a wife.

     This book is unique in that Robin and Tricia have different stories to share. Robin began praying for her husband and writing letters to him at a young age. Tricia was a teen mom. Because the authors have different experiences, it makes their stories and the book relevant for teen girls who are determined to stay pure, teens who have made mistakes in relationships (both physically and emotionally), and even old maids like myself.

     After reading this book, I have renewed my prayer for my future husband. But more than that, I have found my hope that God, the lover of my soul, will give me the best if I leave the choice up to him.

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