Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally seeing results!

So, since June 7th, I've been tracking my calories on I love the program as it keeps me accountable and is so easy to use.
This weekend, I hit the 15 pound mark! YAY! I'm starting to see the difference, and people are beginning to notice. Although approval from others should  not be my reason for getting healthy, it is encouraging.
Also, I went in my closet, and I am able to zip some old clothes a size smaller. They are still too snug to wear all day (and keep breathing), but I can zip them! In a couple weeks, I can add them to my rotation. (Now that I am on the Dave Ramsey budget, I don't shop for clothes like I used to, which is so sad.)

Other exciting weight-related news. I've mentioned my sister Jeanelle is my biggest supporter and the one who hooked me up on She said to me the other day that she couldn't wait until I had to go clothes shopping because nothing fit anymore. I asked her if she was interested in helping fund that trip. She said yes! She said she'll donate a dollar a pound to my shop. :) I said she could set a limit since my goal is 83 pounds, but she told me not to worry and to just keep losing. I have the best sister ever.

I'm so thankful for the extra motivation to lose.


Andi said...

Congrats L.J!!! That is spectacular news. So, so, so proud of you. Go, Tough Girl, Go!!!

Rachel Ramey said...

You have a FABULOUS sister!!! Keep it up Laura!!! :)