Saturday, September 10, 2011

Melody's Knight

When Melody takes an evening run to pray about her future husband, it seems like an answered prayer when an engagement ring lands on her feet...literally. When Avery Knight's girlfriend turns down his proposal, he throws the ring, not seeing where it lands. When Melody returns the ring the next day (turns out they are neighbors), a friendship and flirtation develops.
I liked this book. The characters are great...unique and well-developed. Barney, Avery's dog, is a fun addition and serves as a great supporting character. Melody's love of fencing is also an off-beat but interesting part of the story development.
However, the end of the story felt a little it ended too soon with parts of the plot (like the crazy ex-girlfriend) not wrapped up.
Still, I enjoyed the book. The colorful characters and funny situations made for a light, enjoyable read.

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