Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Lessons from Say Yes to the Dress?


A few Fridays ago, Emily and I were watching Say Yes to the Dress. One of the girls had lost like 75 pounds, yet she kept feeling like she was fat in her dress even though she was tiny. Even though the salesclerk, her mom, and her friends all kept telling her she was beautiful and the dress was perfect, she still saw herself as a heavy girl. Emily commented to me, "That's going to be you when you finish losing weight. You'll have to see yourself differently." I made a light comment back, but it's stuck with me as I continued on my weight-loss journey. A friend who had her nose fixed told me that the doctor told her it would take six months for her eyes to adjust to seeing her new nose instead of the old one. We still see ourselves as what we were.

This led me to think about myself spiritually. In my head, I know God has forgiven me for my sins. I know it's like they never happened in His eyes. But, I think my eyes are more than six months behind...more like years behind. I want to see myself for who I am physically and spiritually...both the good and the bad.
I'm praying for God to let me see myself so that I can praise Him for the good and repent and change the bad.

Who would have thought I'd learn from a fun show about picking a wedding dress?

I'm at 18.5 pounds lost. :) I may post a picture at 20 or 25 pounds to see the beginning of a change.

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Cathy said...

Hi Laura, I'm a new follower. I found your blog on goodreads. I totally see what your saying here. Thanks for your honesty. Looking forward to reading your blog.
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Cathy :)