Sunday, September 18, 2011


This book is so much more than a historical romance. Rachel is not the typical 1951 woman. She's unmarried and the owner of a dance studio. The book delves into her plight to create a successful business in a society where women are still considered unequal in many ways. One of her biggest critics is Josh Reegan, former Air Force pilot and current journalist, who thinks dance is a silly waste of time.
As their lives become intertwined as Josh is asked to cover the dance competition, the storyline becomes not only a romance but a determination to succeed: Rachel with her dance studio and Josh with his desire to return to political reporting. Will achieving their dreams cost them true love?

Christian fiction fans, especially historical fiction lovers, will love this trip back in time to a beautiful era in America.


Dawn said...

Can I borrow this one? Or is it an electronic one?

Laura J said...

I won it from Trish Perry, so I do have it. I can let you borrow it next time I see you. :)

Dawn said...

awesome! When do you want to get together?