Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bluebonnet List Part 1: Reviews

Every year, students in grades 3-6 across the state of Texas read the Bluebonnet List. Then in January, they vote for their favorites. My students love voting and seeing what book won for our school and then the state.

I started reading the books on the list for the upcoming school year, so I thought I would record my thoughts.

I LOVE this book. At first, I was leery of how my 3rd and 4th graders would take this book about a woman who is "old," but the timeless theme of being comfortable with yourself, especially in a look obsessed Hollywood culture, will appeal to kids, in particular the girls. This is a fabulous read for people of all ages.

What a great book! The pictures are amazing. The facts are presented in a kid-friendly format and reading level. Kids will love the layout and the fold out pages that bring the birds to life. Readers will walk away with an appreciation for these birds as well as a little more knowledge about the majestic predators.

When Jack is invited to the party for the princess, he doesn't know what to bring the girl who has everything. Deciding to bake her a cake, he's off to present his gift. Along the way, Jack encounters adversity and loses his cake bit by bit. Finally making it to the party, he is empty handed. Will he still have something to give the princess?

I love the theme of the book, and the story is cute. The pictures are a little too dark for me, especially for a children's book. While it's a great read, I am a little surprised it's on the Texas Bluebonnet List for grades 3-6 since it seems geared towards younger kids.

I could not get into this book. I'm not a big fan of graphic novels for my personal reading, but this storyline was boring to me. I see it has gotten great reviews, so perhaps I just don't get its appeal. I'm sure the kids will like it because it's a graphic novel, but I am not a fan.

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