Saturday, June 16, 2012

Larkspur Cove: A Review

When Andrea and her son flee to Moses Lake after a bitter and public divorce, she is determined to rebuild her life...on her own. Game Warden Mart judges Andrea too quickly to be an uninterested parent when her son Dustin is picked up with some other teens for driving illegally on the water.

The two continue to run into each other in the small town, particularly when they both become involved in a case of a little girl who suddenly showed up to live with an outcast of a man in a shack deep in the woods. As they work together to figure out who the girl is and what is best for her, they find that first impressions aren't always lasting ones.

Lisa Wingate has quickly become on of my favorite Christian authors. The characters are well-developed and show true growth. While romance is a part of the book, it's not the driving force. The plot keeps a slow but steady pace, building to the climatic and satisfying ending.

What I liked most was the community members of Moses Lake. From the pastor to the restaurant owner Shirley who tries to slip in healthy food into the main menu, the residents are quirky and have their own story to tell as well.

My only complaint was the book ended before I wanted it to. Although Mart finally comes to grips with his brother's death, I wanted him to reconnect with the sister-in-law and nephew. I also wanted to see more of what happens with Dustin, particularly his relationship with his dad. Perhaps that will happen in another Moses Lake book.

Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this tale by Lisa Wingate and quickly become a fan of hers if they aren't already.

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