Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfectly Invisible: A Review

Daisy is ready for graduation and finally finding her freedom from her over-bearing parents at college. But when she loses her job, her parents tell her she needs to go to community college, and her best friend makes her sell tacky senior rings and starts hanging out with the guy Daisy thought was into her, Daisy finds the last few months before graduation may be anything but fun.

After being disappointed with book one in this series, I was happy to find Kristin Billerbeck found her normal, quirky voice in this novel. The fast quips and funny characters are what I like best about Billerbeck, and these are all over the first half of the book--when suddenly we have about 20 pages of nothing but lectures. Daisy is lectured on what's wrong with her by just about everyone, including some guy wanting to hire her. It was tedious(and teens may find it enough to stop reading), but thankfully, after the lecture break, the story went back to a funny book about high school drama and a girl's journey to finding herself.

Fans of Kristin Billerbeck will enjoy this book and look forward to book three in the series.

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