Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cherry Blossom Capers: A Review

In Cherry Blossom Capers, four authors share the novellas of four different women who find themselves in the middle of a mystery and love.
State Secrets by Lynette Sowell: Tara Whitley, chef at the White House, can't believe when her old boyfriend Jack Courtland shows up at the White House to work a case. Not only does he want to take her out to dinner, but he also wants her to help him on his case.
I like the FBI aspect of the story and the character of Jack. However, Tara was a pushover. Jack walked away from her, but she the one to keep trying to make it work, telling him she loves him (and he has to take time to think about it). I found that annoying, which made this my least favorite of the four novellas.
Dying for Love by Cara. C. Putnam: There was a time when Ciara Turner thought she had a future with Daniel Evans, the guy she clerked with in law school. After a few years of being on opposite sides of the courtroom, Ciara sees they have no future. When the two discover the body of a judge, they are forced to work together instead of against each other. Will they find they still have sparks?
I liked this story, but it felt like Daniel and Ciara's chemistry was a little bland until the end. Still, overall good read.
Buried Deception by Gina Conroy: Samantha Steel, archaeology intern and widow, is desperate to survive and support her children on her own. When her rambunctious son breaks an artifact in a museum on the first day of internship, Samantha has to deal with Nick Porter, the reserved and cold security guard who lost his own family. When they discover the broken artifact is a forgery and the thief begins trying to kill Samantha, they must work together to find the one responsible.
This one may have been my favorite, particularly because Samantha is such a strong character. I liked her spunk and felt she was the best developed heroine in the collection.
Coffee, Tea, and Danger by Frances Devine: Susan Holland loves owning a small coffee and dessert shop, but when she becomes the owner of a mansion, her dreams start to expand. Vince Martini is in charge of renovating the house and becomes Susan's protector as her life is in danger from someone who wants secrets hidden in the house.
I loved that the author gave us a heroine who is older. Most Christian fiction stories deal with women in their 20s or maybe 30s. We need more independent women in their 40s as lead characters.
I read this collection a plane ride, and the short, fast-paced stories made the time fly by. (Pun intended.) I liked the added mystery to the romances.
Fans of Christian fiction who are looking for a beach or plane read, this is the book for you.
I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.


Gina Conroy said...

Laura, thanks for this wonderful review! So glad you enjoyed my novella and I'm excited to announce I have a full length mystery coming out soon!

Laura Jackson said...

Cool! I will have to look for it. Thanks for the comment.