Sunday, January 13, 2013

Secretly Smitten: A Review

Secretly Smitten by Colleen Coble
In a follow-up to Smitten, author friends Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter offer another glimpse at the sweet town of Smitten. This time, three sisters are on a mission to solve the mystery of their grandmother's first love, who was thought to be dead many years before. Will they solve the mystery and find love along the way?
Love Between the Lines: Coble starts the book with Tess, who is determined to find clues about how her grandmother's old beau's dog tags ended up back in Smitten. The search leads her to Ryan's attic. It's a cute start with two people who like each other but think the other couldn't be interested. Cute food incidents too.
Make Me a Match: Billerbeck's character Zoe is a match-maker who is setting up her love connection business if pesky city manager William will just let her bend a few rules. Billerbeck showcases her talent for chick-lit with her novella, once again reminding fans she's the best at witty dialogue and fun characters.
Knit One, Love Two: Hunt shares the girls' mother's story despite her reluctant involvement in solving the dog tag mystery. When Anna expands her quilt store to raising her own sheep, she takes Michael up on his offer to help. This one is as cute as the others. I love that a range of age for romance that Hunt adds to the group.
Love Blooms: Hunter solves the mystery with the story of Clare, an independent yet scared landscaper. When new-to-town nomad Ethan starts helping at the nursery, Clare has to face her fears of starting her own business and about falling in love. I loved Clare's independence and Ethan was my favorite male character, which made this my favorite of the four novellas.
Secretly Smitten is a fun, fast read with sweet romances. Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy a trip back to this quaint town. 

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