Thursday, January 10, 2013

The First Gardener

This has to be one of the saddest yet encouraging books I've read in a long time. Governor Gray London and his wife Mackenzie struggled for ten years to get pregnant, and their little girl, Maddie, now five, is the center of their world. When tragedy strikes, they lose their faith and their way. Can the gardener remind them  that no matter how dark the winter is, spring will come?

This story will tear at your heart. The first tragedy happens, and just when you think Mack and Gray will have a break from the hurt, another tragedy strikes. And the messy aftermath is handled perfectly by Jones, who does a wonderful job capturing her characters, from the depressed Mack to the quirky old ladies who add laughter to balance the tears. 

The characters are developed slowly but deeply, and my favorite of all is Jeremiah, the old gardener, who loves the London family and ministers to them faithfully through flowers. The twist at the end regarding Jeremiah brought tears to my eyes, and the theme that God owes us nothing and each thing we have is a blessing straight from Him is one that will stay with me.

Although this book is a switch from her fun Savannah series, this is a book I recommend to any of both Christian fiction and those who just like a good story.


JoyAnne said...

This was my favorite book by this author. Jeremiah's "home" broke my heart.

Laura Jackson said...

Yes! I was surprised and saddened to get to that part. Such a moving book!

Denise Hildreth Jones said...

Laura- thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. As a writer- knowing people have been encouraged by what you write...well, you couldn't ask for more.

Hope you will enjoy the two new books coming out the end of February. Blessings to you...
Denise Hildreth Jones