Saturday, January 5, 2013

Swimming to the Surface: A Review

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Kelsey Mitchell gave up on happily ever after when her husband abandoned their family to follow his call to ministry in a foreign country. Now, she is working hard to support her two kids, but when her daughter gets sick, she meets Alex, a pastor who is different than the church that supported her abusive husband. Together, will they find faith they need to swim to the surface?

This book is a lot different from Kristin's normal chick lit, and I believe it's a story that needs to be told. Many Christians become boggled down in rules and traditions that they forget compassion and grace. Kelsey's battle from being a wallflower who put with abuse to a strong woman is compelling.

I loved the characters and felt they reflect the church, ranging from the pastor who is more concerned with numbers and offerings than people to the little old lady who knows everyone's business and loves them all. My favorite was Meagan, Kelsey's daughter who is feisty and full of the faith Kelsey lacks. 

This is a partial spoiler. Skip if you don't want to know pieces of the plot.


The only thing I found odd was Todd's "friend" Simon. It's hinted that he and Todd may be gay, and then he shoots someone. It just didn't gel in my mind. It got the plot going a different way, more towards gay men (or women) marrying in an attempt to cover their sexuality and detracts from the real story---the church taking the side of an abusive husband in the name of scripture.

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