Monday, July 14, 2014

A Hard Prayer

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During our Sunday morning worship at church, my pastor leads us in corporate prayer. We all get in a posture of prayer (for me, that means I kneel at my seat) while he prays. Each week, he focuses on different things. One thing has stood out to me. He often prays for other churches by name.
And he always asks God to bless that church more than He would bless ours.
I struggle with jealousy. I compare. I want to be the best. I found myself unable to pray that prayer about friends or other writers. I want to have a best selling book. I want to meet a great, godly guy and get married and have amazing kids.
But God has done miraculous things for me. He brought me from spiritual death to eternal life. He put me in a family where my mom and sister would be my best friends. I have friends that I've know for 20 plus years and one I've been friends with since birth. I have a great job with a fantastic boss.
I go to an amazing church where my pastor speaks the truth in love and sharing the message of Jesus to the city of Houston and the world is our goal.
So, I thought I would try. I began to pray for specific people that I had wasted time being jealous of (because jealousy is a waste of time, not that they are a waste of time). Beth Moore once said in Bible Study that praying for the people you're jealous of is the best way to get over being jealous of them.
I had tried that years ago and found it to be true.
But, to pray for God to bless them more than He'd bless me?
I wasn't there yet.
But, I'm trying.
Because of at the end of the day, I want God's name to be glorified....through me and other people.  
So, I'm bringing those people before Jesus, asking Him to pour out His love and blessing to them for His glory.
I can't wait to see them shine.
What are you praying for? Do you find yourself comparing yourself with others too often?  


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really deep! Great post.


Laura Jackson said...

Thanks, Jeanelle. :)

Kara said...

Love this, Laura, so convicting and heartfelt! I also want to pray this prayer and watch God move, thanks for sharing this :)

Laura Jackson said...

Thanks, Kara! :)

Nancy Kimball said...

Laura, you continue to inspire me friend. Not just with your heart and writing for young adults, but with your own heart for Jesus. Bless you, friend.

Annette O'Hare said...

You're such a blessing to me. I really struggle with the jealousy thing. Heck I'm jealous of you! I want to be published! I want my books to lead readers to Christ! I want to be like you! But for now I can pray for you and your success. And someday...just can pray that prayer for me. Thank you for sharing a lovely post!

Teresa Pollard said...

Great post. You have a wise pastor, and he knows that praying blessings on others always blesses us too, because God always blesses a heart of generosity. If we are faithful, our time will come too. God bless you, Friend. Teresa

Laura Jackson said...

Thanks for your kind words, Nancy.
Annette, I'm praying for your writing career.
Teresa, I do appreciate my pastor so much. He loves Jesus and the Word.