Friday, July 25, 2014

A Prayer for the Girls Reading Worth the Wait

I usually participate in Confessional Friday, but I have something else on my heart today:
 the girls (young or old) who are reading or have read Worth the Wait.
I thought I'd share the prayer that's been on my heart.
I don't know her name, her age, her denomination or lack of one.
I don't know if she's happy or sad, lonely or confused, single or in love.
I don't know if her parents are married, divorced, or passed away.
Or maybe she's never met her parents.
I don't know her hopes, her dreams, or her fears.
But You do.
So, I ask that as she reads the words, that she would feel Your love.
The love that comforts, heals, restores, makes new.
The love that formed her in her mama's belly.
The love that died on a cross.
The love that never leaves.
That never forsakes.
That never disappoints.
May she know that You love her, and may she love You back.
If she doesn't know you, would You show Yourself to her?
If she's walked away, would You woo her back?
If she's already Yours, would you strengthen and encourage her?
Show her that Your love is enough.
That Your way is best.
And that Your plan for her life is worth the wait, worth the time, and worth the journey.
As You wish it to be, let it be.

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Sonjia Kiffe said...

Oh Laura, this is so lovely and insightful. You're such a gifted writer.