Friday, July 18, 2014

Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie at again.
1. I confess that once I'm out of debt, I will put monthly facials at Aveda into my budget. I treated myself to one this week and went to heaven for 60 minutes.
2. I confess that God is still working in my heart on prayer. (I wrote about what I've been praying for lately here.) I listened to an old sermon from my pastor this week, and it convicted me again about having a specific time of prayer. My favorite point was that "The will of God is birthed into reality through the labor pains of your prayer." (Nathan Lino) Wow!
Listen to sermon here.
3. I confess this song has been on loop during my prayer time. I was on YouTube listening to another Eddie James song, and I walked away. I guess it was on a playlist, but this song came on next. It stopped me dead in my tracks.
Don't you love when a song captures everything your heart is desperately crying to Jesus?
4. I confess that I have a Bluebell Cookies and Cream addiction. My brain can't function without it.
5. I confess that after having a Pinterest account and using it occasionally, I have now entered the realm of looking up and realizing two hours have passed since I entered the abyss of creativity.
6. I confess that after being annoyed at myself for being sad that I didn't go on vacation this summer, I started a "Nantucket or somewhere else great" fund. If I just put 20 bucks in every time I babysit, I'll have enough to go somewhere cool next summer.
Now, if I can just not "take" from that fund for another facial.

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Sydney Avey said...

Re: confession #1, books on experiences in heaven are big sellers these days, Laura. you may be on to something. This made me chuckle.