Friday, August 29, 2014

Confessional Friday

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1. I confess that I am EXHAUSTED. The first week of school is always tiring. I've had a busy week after work, so it's been a long week. So glad for a long weekend.
2. I confess that I was nervous about my eye doctor's appointment Wednesday. She found a spot on my eye back in April, so we were checking it to see if it changed. Thankfully, it looks the exact same, so I just have to get it checked again at my early eye exam in April. Praise God.
3. I confess that I'm enjoying my new schedule at work. The last two years, I had just first and second for rotation (where the teachers drop off the kids for an hour). Now, I have 1-5 for an hour each day. It's BUSY but FUN! My day flies by.
4. I confess that I haven't taken my fish oil in like three weeks. UGH! I can't remember to take medicine/vitamins to save my life. Any suggestions for remembering?
5. I confess this Texas shirt is my favorite right now. I love how soft it is. I also love the slightly  longer sleeves. I got it online from Riffraff.    
(My uncle gets the best seats to the Astros games. Here we are Wednesday night in the suite behind home plate.)
6. I confess I'm loving a crossbody bag (in picture too). I'm usually a satchel girl, but it's nice having your hands free but still having a big enough purse to hold all the junk I feel I must lug around.
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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