Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finally and Forever: A Review

Readers who have "known" Katie for years have come to expect the outrageous from our spunky friend, so Katie's spontaneous decision to go with Eli to Africa came at no surprise. What awaits her in Africa is a beautiful conclusion as one of my favorite characters finally stops chasing whims and finds what she's always wanted--a godly man and a place to belong.

Once Eli and Katie arrive in Africa, Katie is in for a culture shock that translates to some fun adventures: hugging giraffes, eating ostrich meatballs, and getting an African massage. Balancing the fun jokes Katie spouts as a defense mechanism is the great call Katie feels to help bring awareness to the needs in Africa. A call Eli doesn't share. Instead, he feels called to travel from village to village, accessing needs and setting up missionaries who come to help. Will the two be able to realize their dreams without losing each other?

I am just going to bullet point my thoughts:

1. I love Eli. I'm so glad RJD didn't have Katie settle for Rick. A fun, quirky character like Katie needed more adventure than Rick could give her.

2. I love Eli and Katie's relationship. RJG does a great job at balancing their passionate feelings with a determination and a choice to keep their relationship pure. Sometimes Christian fiction makes it look easy to be pure when in fact, it's not.

3. RJG is the master of sharing a Biblical truth without being preachy. She nailed it again in this book.

4. In this book, we as readers finally get to know more about Katie's relationship with her parents. I've read every book with Katie in it, and I always wondered why she felt the need to tell random jokes even at inappropriate times. I know now.

5. I really like the ending!

6. I loved all the African culture in this book--from the people to the customs and places.

7. I hope RJG will write more about Katie's work in Africa. There is a lot of story left to be told.

8. You should definitely check this book out if you are a Christy Miller and Katie Weldon fan. I've been reading these books for over 15 years now, and I still love these two gals.

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Dawn said...

I am so excited to read this book!