Monday, April 2, 2012

So Over It: A Review

In the final book in the Skylar Hoyt series, Skylar is finished with high school and ready to move on with her life even if it takes moving to Hawaii to do it. Convinced a move will help from her past, Skylar takes off to make a new life for herself. When her family needs her back home, will she finally confront her past and deal with it, or will she continue to ignore the memories that still haunt her?

This book is my favorite in the series because Skylar finally finds herself, the woman God created her to be. While still not preachy, Morrill delivers a poignant truth of God's forgiveness. Readers will still be able to relate to the honest portrayal of a young woman trying to find her way. The conclusion the series still has a lot of drama as Skylar makes peace with her "frienemies" and finally puts the past behind her so that she can embrace the future God has planned for.

My only problem was that it was over too quickly. I would enjoy reading what happens next with Skylar and Connor, but even more, I would love to see what how Abbie, Skylar's sister, handles being a teen mom.

I recommend these books to teens, especially Christian teens who struggle with wanting to be popular and fit in without compromising their values. Be sure to read them in order though.

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