Monday, April 2, 2012

Me, Just Different: A Review

Summary: Skylar Hoyt's life changed the night she was almost raped. Vowing to be different, she stops partying and goes back to the youth group she had abandoned when she became popular. Her wild past continues to pull her back as she struggles with a jealous boyfriend, fighting parents, and a sister with a big secret. Will Skylar be able to find herself in the midst of all this chaos?

My thoughts: Although the book starts off shaky as the plot jumps around and the author tries to establish the main character, this book finds its ground about halfway through and becomes a great read. Many readers may not be able to relate to the world in which Skylar lives: pretty, popular, wealthy, but they will definitely identify with her struggle to find herself, her inability to trust, and the family pressure. The plot reads like a TV show with all the drama of boyfriend swapping, which will keep a teen reader's attention.

What I liked best was the author's way of sharing spiritual truth without being preachy. When Connor's family takes Skylar under their wings, Skylar (and the reader) get a glimpse of the Christian walk without lecturing or scripture quoting.

Overall, this book is an entertaining read and a solid first novel.  

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