Thursday, April 12, 2012

Her Family Wish: A Review

When Hannah Hart agreed to be a guest speaker for her friend's photography class at the local junior high, she never expected be attracted to the assistant principal, Jude Bradley, who is is also the overprotective father of one of the students in the photography class. Will the memories of their pasts keep them from finding the future God has for them?

My thoughts: I love the premise for this book---Hannah's past keeps her from really living, choosing instead to capture others' precious memories instead of making her own. Jude's past has caused him to disdain photography, fashion, and all the other reasons his wife chose fame over him and his daughter. This part of the storyline is well-developed and intriguing, but I just didn't feel a connection to the characters and found them both annoying at times.

I also liked the school aspect of the book. Having worked in public school education for ten years now, I thought the choice that Jude had to make between cutting the art program and the sports program was relevant and a nice twist (although I haven't heard of a school that only had two electives, but I do work in a large city). This added conflict made the book much stronger than just a love story.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Usually I am a character-driven reader, but I enjoyed the storylines much more than the actual characters experiencing them.

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Kara said...

thanks for the review, Laura, glad you enjoyed it! sounds like the school aspect of the book really enhanced the story, very nice! blessings, Kara