Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Wedding Dress: A Review

Charlotte makes a living helping brides find the perfect wedding dress, but she can't seem to find her own even though her wedding is just a couple months away. On a whim, she buys an old chest at an auction and finds a wedding dress inside...a dress from 1912. Determined to find out the story behind the dress and why it was welded shut inside a chest, Charlotte begins to uncover the stories of the three women who wore it before. Although all different, the four women's common thread is the courage and faith it takes to wear the dress and find true love.

There's something about Rachel Hauck's books that speak to me on a deeper level than just an entertaining read. While the book centers on a dress, the story of love carries the book. Love for the men the women would marry and, more importantly, love for the eternal bridegroom, Jesus.

The characters are well-developed and unique. Although the point of view switches back and forth between Charlotte in present day and Emily in 1912, the plot flows along smoothly at a quick pace. In fact, I finished the book in one sitting because although I knew basically where the story was heading, I had to find out exactly how it happened.

Fans of Christian fiction who enjoy an engaging read with a reminder of Jesus' love for His bride (Christians) will love this latest book by Rachel Hauck.

I was given this book in exchange for my thoughts, and my opinion is solely mine.


Rina said...

Loved your review. I was on the fence about putting this on my TBR list, but I think your review has pushed me to add it. Thanks!

Valerie (ValsVicinity) said...

I've been seeing tons of positive reviews for "The Wedding Dress" lately. I've enjoyed Rachel Hauck's previous books, so I think I'm going to have to check this one out too! Too many books, too little time! :)