Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm not a huge graphic novel fan. I LOVE it for the  kids and promote it to them, but I don't read it for my own enjoyment.

Two weeks ago, I read this book with my second graders for our genre study.
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Who doesn't love a fun girl who daydreams and wears a cute dress with a heart. Some of the boys weren't too happy when I passed out the pink books, but once they realized Babymouse wasn't too girly, most of them said they would read another book about her.

Even though I enjoyed the book, I was even more surprised I picked up another book to read.
I think if I had read this one to my second graders, the boys would have liked it even more. Unfortunately, I only had a class set of Queen of the World.

Although the Babymosue books were popular before, I really can't keep them on the shelf now that we've read them as a group.

As our activity, we made our own comic strips. It was fun to read the kids' stories, and many kids told me how much they liked writing a story when they could draw mostly pictures and just add a few words when necessary.


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