Saturday, February 16, 2013

Origami Yoda Series

This series is really popular in the library, so I decided to use the newest one as a book club. Since I had never read them, I had to read them in order before our meeting. We had a great time discussing the book and making origami Yodas and Wookiees.

In book one, readers are introduced to the cast: Tommy, the guy behind the files, and Dwight, the creator of the Origami Yoda. Things are weird at school, and Origami Yoda seems to have the answers. The book is told from the different perspectives of students, creating a case file compiling answers to question that everyone has---Is Origami Yoda real?
Funny and full of Star Wars puns, this book starts what could be the next big series. The characters are funny, and the pace is fast.

Origami Yoda's one disbeliever, Harvey, has created his own origami--Darth Paper, who is determined to prove that Origami Yoda is nothing more than a piece of folder paper.
After a series of mishaps, will the student body be able to save Dwight before Darth Paper and the school board expel him from school?
I enjoyed this book more than the first one--probably because Darth Paper was a funny addition and because by the second book, I knew the characters a little better. (It's hard to get to know characters when each chapter is from a different person's perspective.)

Dwight has been expelled and sent to a private school, leaving his Origami Yoda in a photo frame displayed in his room. At his new school, Dwight now fits in and becomes boring. Everyone at Tommy's school is floundering, not sure what to do without Origami Yoda's wise advice. But, never fear, Sara has brought Fortune Wookiee to school to save the day. Dwight gave her the wookiee to help out his old classmates. Fortune Wookiee holds a secret, and readers may be surprised by who figures it out first.

I loved this book. I missed weird Dwight, but I enjoyed the Wookiee and Sara's increased role in this book as she steps into Dwight's shoes as resident advice giver. Readers will be surprised by the end and look forward to book four with the hints of what's to come.

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