Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels: A Review

Ally Carter is quickly moving from my favorite YA author to my favorite author in general. This book moves her to that spot for good. Perfect Scoundrels has all readers expect from Carter: action, a tightly written plot, and a hint of romance. 

In the first two books, I enjoyed the fast-paced action, but this third book in the Heist Society kicks it up a notch with the character development. When Hale's grandmother dies, he is named the heir despite his young age. When his grandmother's longtime friend questions the will privately to Kat, she and the team are on a mission to save the family company. Through Hale's loss and Kat's attempts to console him while not quite being accepted by his family and his world, their motives and characters are flushed out, and I love them even more. 

Fans of Carter will enjoy this latest spy adventure, and people who aren't fans should be.

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