Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Talk of the Town: A Review

I think I've figured out what I love most about Lisa Wingate's writing: her ability to capture a small town and its eclectic members. City girl Mandalay has no clue what's waiting for when she goes to Daily, Texas, to get ready for the homecoming episode of a TV singing contest. The quirky old ladies, small-town rumor mills, and the handsome stranger sharing her "suite" in a bed and breakfast are a bit much for her to control.

Seeing the town through Mandalay's eyes shows the quirks that make small towns unique. Seeing Mandalay through Imagene's eyes helps develop her as a character. The chapters go back and forth between their points of view, and it creates a nice flow for a fast read.

Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy a visit to Daily, Texas. 

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