Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Chance: A Review

The Chance is classic Kingsbury: full of dramatic, traumatizing events and the chance that faith and love give.

Despite being only 15, Ellie is sure of one thing: she loves Nolan. When her family falls apart, and her dad takes her away to another state, she and Nolan bury letters to each other under their favorite tree. They know they'll stay in touch, but promise to come back in 11 years and read the letters for the first time. Eleven years have passed, and the two haven't spoken since the night at the tree, but both are drawn back to their first love, their true love, their only love.

I enjoyed this story. Ellie is a sympathetic character. My heart broke for her when her parents separated and for the years that followed. Her feelings were authentic and open. I also loved the parts of the book from her parents...showing relationships and marriages for what they often are--tough and sometimes messy.

While I liked Nolan, I felt his character was a little unrealistically written. There are great guys out there, he was so "good" to the point of being boring. If he had had a little more spark to him, I would have loved this book instead of just enjoyed it.

I recommend it to fans of Kingsbury and to Christian fiction fans who like a lot of turmoil that ends in happiness.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.


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