Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paige Torn: A Review

Erynn Mangum is the only author I know who can write a great book without anything "big" happening. Paige is a twenty-something single girl who can't say no....whether it's doing more than what's required as a secretary, teaching the youth, or even folding the church bulletins for the week. Is she so busy serving God that she's  not spending any time with him?

The book takes us through a few months of Paige's life. While nothing major happens, this is a great book. The author has a knack for quick-witted dialogue and quirky situations that create a compelling story. Paige is an interesting character (although it would be nice if Mangum wrote a character who didn't like coffee---major trend with all her characters). The other characters are unique (more so than Paige). Layla is hilarious, and I find Tyler charming.

Overall, it's the start of a great series. As a long-time fan who has read all of Erynn's books, I'm eager to see what happens next. Paige Torn ends with a tease of what's to come that has me looking forward to October.


Morgan said...

I can't wait to read this one!! Erynn is my FAVORITE author!! She's so great.
I do agree with you about the coffee thing though ;)

Laura Jackson said...

She's one of my favorite too! I've been reading her blog since before she was even engaged. She's just so sweet.

As far as her writing, I love her voice, and I also love how she writes about Christian women who seem like people you'd meet at church---very real.

If you can wait a little bit, I would simply because once you finish it, you're going to want to read book two immediately after!

Morgan said...

I know I love keeping up with her on her blog! :)

That's good to know!! I do have a lot of other books to read, but I'm just so excited about this one! I pre-ordered a signed copy :)