Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Wishing Tree: A Review

Ivy Marshall's life is unraveling. On the day her sister accepts a proposal on national TV is the same day Ivy finds out her husband cheated on her and loses her job. Disappointed in how her life has turned out, Ivy escapes to the past, where she was a girl in love who had hopes and dreams. When her sister asks her to create the wishing tree, a family wedding tradition, Ivy must come to terms with the boy she left behind (who is still in town and clearly not over Ivy) and the husband who is determined to win her back via Twitter. 

I enjoy Mary Beth Whalen's books because while the plot moves slowly, the characters are vivid and perfectly flawed. Ivy reacts to her husband's one-time affair with raw emotion and anger. I enjoyed seeing her deal with her pain from the present and the past and grow as a character.

My favorite character may have been the guy from Ivy's past, the one she broke up with to marry her husband. In fact, Ivy annoyed me when she flirted with him because he still had feelings for her and deserved better than a confused ex-girlfriend. 

Cheating is a hot topic, and people debate back and forth whether a person should take back a cheating spouse. Whalen may take some heat for how the book ends, but I think the ending was a solid and satisfied conclusion. 

Fans of Christian fiction, especially those who enjoy real-life circumstances with a glimmer of hope, will love this book.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.

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