Monday, May 27, 2013

The Inner Circle: A Revew

Although I don't believe conspiracy theories, I do enjoy reading about them. I think that's one reason I like Brad Meltzer's books. In The Inner Circle, readers are introduced to Beecher, an archivist who spends his days looking at documents from the past. When he tries to show off for an old girlfriend, he gets pulled into today's action when he's uncovers a secret circle that does the bidding of the president.
Pulling characters (Nico) from a previous novel, Meltzer takes readers for a fast ride where it's unknown who is good and who is evil. I like the idea of uncovering secrets in documents from the past, and although I found Beecher a little boring, it would have been odd for an adrenaline junky to work in the archives.
The plots twists and turns enough to keep the reader guessing, and the only thing I wish had been was a faithful sidekick for Beecher. Instead of him having an ally, you never knew who was really for him and who was against him....even at the end.
There are many loose ends, so have the next book downloaded and ready to go when you finish this one.


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