Saturday, May 18, 2013

Test and ramblings....

So, I experimented with turning this blog into a website of sorts. Many thanks to Jessica for suggesting that and for leading me to Etsy, where I found a template for a lot cheaper than I was going to pay someone to design a website.

If you like this blog template, check out the Tinker B Designs page:

I need to quit looking because I keep finding more stuff I like. Anyway, she was super friendly and super fast at installing it here for me for a great price.

Another random comment--I finally mailed the last four winners their packages. YAY! I used to work right by a post office, so I would go every week or two. Now, it's not too close. So, I appreciate your patience. I do mail them media mail to keep costs down. Thanks to those of you who send me an email to let me know you got it.

And the final reason for this blog, and perhaps the most important to me but nobody else, is to see if my new signature shows up.


Dawn Janis said...

Nope no signature.

Laura Jackson said...

It's there now. Yay!

Dawn Janis said...

Yup. Now I see it. :)