Saturday, December 14, 2013

Critical Pursuit: A Review


Brinna's life mission is to rescue kidnapped girls just like she was rescued. Jack is just trying to survive until the sentencing of his wife's killer. When the two are thrown together on patrol for two weeks, they have to learn to work together in order to confront the past and its secrets.

I've read Cantore's other books, and while I liked them, I loved this book. Brinna and Jack are real---full of flaws and failures, which is why I liked them so much. I also liked the fact that their relationship was more about figuring out who they were than romance although I wouldn't be sad or surprised if something develops.

The action is fast. There were several serious events that happened in a short time. They could have been more meaningful if one or two were kept for a later book. However, the suspense kept me reading and left me waiting for book two!

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for me review, and my thoughts are my own.

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