Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whispers in the Wind: A Review


I haven't read a Lauraine Snelling book in a few years, and after reading this book, I had to ask myself why it had been so long. Although I didn't read the first book in the series, I quickly caught up with Cassie's story.
When her father died and his partner in their Wild West Show went bankrupt, Cassie decided to return to the place her father had loved--a ranch in South Dakota, where the Engstrom family has lived since her father left. Will the two families be able work together as joint owners?
I loved the characters. Cassie is fun, Mavis is stable, and Ransom is mysterious. Cassie comes to town with a ragtag family of Chief, Runs Like a Deer and Micah, who I wish would have had a bigger part of the story. (Perhaps that was covered in the first book, which I didn't read.)
The characters' relationships are the main focus of the book, but the historical elements add to the story. I loved the aspects of how Native Americans were treated, the horse/shooting shows Cassie enjoys, and even how the justice system worked.
Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this series about a girl who's looking for a place to belong.
I certainly won't wait as long to read another book by Lauraine Snelling.

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