Saturday, June 14, 2014

Claiming Mariah: A Review

I've never read anything by Pam Hillman before, but I enjoyed this book. I read it in one day because the plot trotted along and the characters were great.

Mariah works tirelessly to run the ranch her dad left her, but when Slade shows up with a deed showing his father as the owner of the ranch, she's at his mercy for a place to live.

Even though I knew the outcome from the first page, it was a fun ride. Slade is a strong but wounded hero, and I liked him from the start--defending his family from an abuse, drunk father. Mariah was strong too, but they didn't seem to overpower each other.

The minor characters of Buck and Mariah's grandmother add to the story, and I loved little Jim, who is going through the same things Slade endured.

I hope the author has a sequel to this book because I'd love to see Buck find a sweet girl to love him for him. (And, I hope it's Amanda.)

Fans of Christian historical fiction will enjoy this book.

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