Saturday, June 7, 2014

Just 18 Summers: A Review

I don't have kids, but I enjoyed this book's message of soaking up every moment you have with those you love. Following four families dealing with change--a new baby, the death of a spouse, children going off to college/getting married, and the busyness of a career, Just 18 Summers shows the realness of parenting.
All of the characters were realistic and interesting. I loved Martin, the groom-to-be who isn't the one his bride's parents would have chosen until they see his heart. Helen, who grew up poor and spends all her time focusing on giving her kids what she doesn't have to point of having no relationship with her kids, reminds me of a lot of parents I see.
My favorite character was Ava, the eight-year-old girl whose mom passed away. I loved seeing her and her father figure out their way together.
I love how all four families' stories weave together to tell the story of family.


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