Saturday, June 28, 2014

Purple Moon: A Review

Summary from Amazon: Selena's life isn't turning out to be the fairy tale she imagined as a kid. 

That hope seemed to vanish long ago when her dad kicked her and her mom out of the house. This summer might finally hold the chance of a new beginning for Selena ... but having to live with her snobby cousin in Lake Lure, NC while waiting for her mom to get out of rehab wasn't how Selena was planning on spending her summer. She soon begins to wonder why she committed to give up her "bad habits" for this.

Things don't seem too bad, though. Especially when Selena gains the attention of the cute neighbor next door. But when her best friend back home in Brooklyn desperately needs her, a secret that's been hidden from Selena for years is revealed, and when she becomes a target for one of her cousin's nasty pranks, she finds herself having to face the scars from her past and the memories that come along with them. Will she follow her mom's example in running away, or trust that God still has a fairy tale life written just for her?
My review:
I liked Selena. For me, the main character makes or breaks a book, and I felt for Selena. Her past--a pastor father who kicks her and her mom out of the house and a mom who is an alcoholic--has shaped her into a girl with a hard shell. But, underneath, she's still wanting her prince to come and save the day like they did in the stories her dad told her grow up.
I loved Austin and the other friends Selena makes at the youth group camp. I really liked that Selena still struggled after her salvation--the point was made that salvation is when you believe with a belief that changes you, not just words you repeat to make someone else feel good or thinking life will be perfect afterwards.
Through the mishaps, the struggles, and the hurts, Austin helps Selena see that the prince is Jesus and He's been there all along. 
I hope there's a second book because some details like Selena's relationship with her dad and her friend Hilarie's problem seemed unresolved.
Fans of Christian YA will enjoy this book.

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