Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hate that Cat

Love that Dog, the prequel to Hate that Cat, is one of my favorite books. I was a little apprehensive about reading Hate that Cat because I didn't want it to disappoint me and ruin the characters I love so much. This book exceeded my expectations! Creech picks up right where she left off, delving into the ins and outs of poetry (and teaching the reader a little bit about the styles of poetry) by having Jack express his hate for a cat that hangs around his house. 

Instead of using the predictable storyline of Jack discovering cats aren't so bad (although that is in the story), the main storyline of Jack's discovery of the "sound" of words, especially the cadence of poetry, and that relationship to his hearing impaired mother.

What could have been an overkill of a good thing (like so many series are these days) turns out to be further character growth and a beautiful story of the power of words and the sounds they make on paper and aloud.

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