Friday, March 21, 2014

Confessional Friday Night

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I didn't get this done Thursday night to go live Friday, so I'm doing it now....wild Friday night for sure.
I confess that after my family, this is my favorite kid! I've babysat her every Friday since she was a week old! Last Friday, we went to the Houston Rodeo to see Keith Urban.
I confess that while Keith Urban put on a good show, I was the one who suggested we leave early.
I confess that's embarrassing as a country  music fan.
I confess that I love my job. This was on my desk on St. Patrick's day. Someone's mom was on Pinterest over spring break, and I love it.
I confess I'm so tired of this ear infection I have. I thought ear infections were for kids.

I confess I'm baffled at why ear drops and antibiotics cost 90 bucks. That's after insurance and a coupon the pharmacist gave me. I'm thankful for good health.
Have a great week!

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