Friday, March 28, 2014

Confessional Friday

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It's been one of those weeks where I can't even remember what I did. Ha!
1. I confess that I wish I could be cutesy creative. Some moms in the PTA are made this tree for my library. They're making two more to hang up a science project a few classes made. I LOVE it.
2. I confess that I'm ready for Easter to be over. Not because I don't love the fact that Jesus was raised from the dead after paying for my sins. It's because I MUST stop eating the Reese's eggs.
3. I confess that I really have the urge to travel. Summer is soon (10 more weeks), and I don't
really have the money to go anywhere. :( 

4. I confess I still haven't eaten any crawfish this season. I feel like a bad Cajun. I did have gumbo tonight with family to celebrate my aunt from DC coming to town.

5. I confess that I feel like the little engine that could with promoting my debut novel. Being published with a small press, I know that marketing takes more time than a big publisher that can do more advertising. So, I'm so thrilled Worth the Wait won Clash of the Titles.                                                                    I pray often for the girls/women who are reading it. I pray they know Jesus and that His plan for their lives is always worth the wait.
By the way, to celebrate the win, the e-book is on sale for 1.99. Find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

Easter candy is 1000x worse than Halloween!